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Santa Costume 2010/16

Looking for a Santa Costume? We have 100s of men’s, kids and ladies Santa costumes - at the BEST prices!

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Check out Santa Claus Costumes and other Fancy Dress Outfits at top UK stores

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Everyone loves Santa - and now you can become the cheery character yourself with a Santa Claus Costume.

A Santa fancy dress outfit is ideal for a range of festive activities including Christmas parties, fancy dress parties, office parties - or simply to deliver the gifts in a Santa outfit on Christmas Eve in your own home.

We’ve tracked down the best prices around for men’s, girl’s, boy’s and ladies Santa and Mrs Claus costumes - so there’s something for everyone.

Prices for a cheap box of a cheap Santa suit start at under £5 and rise to more than £200 for a luxury Christmas Santa costume.

Read more about buying a Santa outfit below

You can become a ‘cool’ looking Santa Claus this Christmas!

If you’re looking to make a big impression at a Christmas party, fancy dress party or other dressing up occasion - a Santa outfit is what you need.

And it’s a vital requirement if you plan on playing Santa Claus this year in your home or if you are fulfilling the role of Santa at a community event or a Santa’s Grotto in a shopping centre or other location.

We have a huge range of outfits in various shapes, styles and sizes - so if you’re looking for a men’s costume, girl’s, boy’s or ladies costume, or a sexy Santa outfit, you’re sure to find something that appeals here.

Prices start at under £10 and rise to more than £200 for a luxury top of the range Santa outfit so we cater for all budgets. Once you slip into a realistic Santa costume you’ll be just like the loveable character himself - and bellowing ‘ho ho ho’ in no time!

A full Father Christmas costume is likely to come with a traditional red gown or coat, beard, hat and belt. Others include Santa boots and trousers and some Miss or Mrs Claus fancy dress outfits also include gloves. We even feature mini costumes for a baby boy or girl and Santa outfits for your pet dog!

As you would expect the majority of costumes are red but we also have others variations - particularly in the sexy and saucy Miss Santa outfit range for ladies in pink, silver, blue and gold.

If you don’t want to buy a full Santa fancy dress outfit we have an impressive range of Santa accessories - the Santa beard, Santa hat and Santa gift sacks. And we also feature a range of elf costumes in case you wish to get decked out as one of Santa’s little helpers this Christmas for a fancy dress party or other event.

We bring you one of the biggest ranges of Father Christmas costumes to be found online from leading UK toy and fancy dress stores including Toys R Us, John Lewis, Angels Fancy Dress, Fancy Dress Outfitters, Tesco, Argos, Amazon, Pet Planet, Party Domain, Party Packs and Jokers Masquerade. They all operate secure and safe shopping facilities for your peace of mind.

We have a Santa outfit to suit everyone - men, ladies, girls and boys

The Santa outfit is more popular than ever as manufacturers bring out an ever increasing range of styles to cater with demand - here’s a breakdown of our categories of Santa costumes and accessories:

Men’s Costume - we have a massive range of traditional Santa suits for men, complete with hat, coat, trousers, beard and belt. Prices start at around £5, rising to more than £200 for a toy quality Santa costume complete with boots. We also feature Mr Sexy Santa costumes comprising a Santa hat and boxer shorts for anyone wanting to add a bit of zing to Christmas.

Ladies Costume - you’re spoilt for choice with our range for ladies and girls. There are plenty of traditional Mrs Claus outfits comprising a robe and hat but if you’re feeling a bit more saucy there are many others with a short Santa skirt, hat, top, sequins and gloves in a range of bright colours including gold, silver, white, blue and pink. We also have several elf costumes for ladies. Prices are from £10 upwards. Women’s costume sizes include small, medium, large and extra large.  

Boys Costume - boys and teenagers will have no problem finding a costume here with prices ranging from under £5 for a cheap Father Christmas suit with jacket, trousers, hat, belt and beard to more than £20 for a top quality Santa outfit for a boy. We even have Santa costumes for baby boys and infants.

Girls Santa Outfit - there are some really stylish Miss Santa fancy dress outfits in our range of girls costumes. Prices for a cheap felt dress with a pom pom and braids hat start at under £5 with a top of the range red velvet costume for a girl costing more than £40. We also have baby girl costumes.

Sexy Santa Outfit - you can add a touch of sparkle to your partner’s life this Christmas by making an appearance under the mistletoe in a raunchy sexy costume. We have a huge selection for you to take a look in various colours including gold, silver, white and traditional red. A sexy Miss or Mrs Santa Claus costume is also the perfect outfit for a hen night, Christmas works party or for turning a few heads at a fancy dress party. And we wouldn’t want to leave the men out so we feature some sexy Mr Santa suits for Christmas and New Year!

Elf Costume - the elf costume is becoming very popular at Christmas as more people buy one an alternative to a traditional Santa outfit. You can arrive at an Xmas fancy dress part or other event dressed up as one of Santa’s little helpers. Most elf costumes are in red and green colours and we have adult elf outfits for men and ladies, with plenty of other styles for toddlers, babies, boys and girls.

Santa Hat - everywhere you look at Christmas you’ll see someone wearing a traditional Santa hat - everyone goes Santa hat crazy during the festive period, wearing them at parties and even in the street. We have a huge range of Santa hats - flashing light Santa hats, tartan hats, jester Santa hats, and bobble hats - to name just a few. You can even buy a Santa hat featuring your favourite football team colours and emblem including Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Everton, West Ham, Tottenham Hotspur, Celtic and Manchester City. Prices range from around £1 to more than £20 for a talking Santa hat.

Santa Beard - a traditional Father Christmas outfit just wouldn’t be complete without a beard and wig and we’ve got dozens of them for you to compare by price. A Santa beard might look a bit out of place on a sexy Miss Santa outfit, but it’s a must with just about every other type Xmas costume. Prices start at around £1 and rise to more than £25 for a plush Santa beard and wig set.

Santa Sacks and Stockings - kids just love diving into their Santa sack on Christmas morning to discover what gifts they’re received. Santa sacks and stockings are available in a range of sizes, colours and styles from cheap plastic or felt sacks to more expensive personalised velvet Santa sacks. Most have an image of Santa on the front and are brightly-coloured with drawstrings. Sets of Santa sacks are also available to cater for all your kids. Santa sacks are available various shapes including the traditional rectangular shape and giant stocking shape. We have some lovely Christmas stockings including make your own stocking kits, personalised embroidered, knitted and handmade stockings and a stocking themed on your favourite football team.

The history of Santa - the cheery Christmas bearer of gifts for kids  

Santa Claus is a traditional character - also known as Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas or plain Santa - who legend has it brings gifts and Christmas presents on Christmas Eve to children who have been good throughout the year.

Saint Nicholas was originally portrayed as having bishop’s robes but today’s Santa is adorned in a bright red coat and hat with a long and fluffy white beard - and a big fat belly! His coat and red trousers have white cuffs and he also wears a black belt and boots.

Saint Nicholas was a 4th century Greek Christian bishop who was famous for giving generously to the poor.

Folk legend tells us that Santa Claus lives with his wife Mrs Claus in the far north in Lapland with his reindeers and little helpers, while American tradition tells us he lives in the North Pole.

The story goes that Santa makes a list of all the children in the world and knows how well they have behaved during the year - the better they have been, the more Christmas gifts and toys they are likely to receive when Santa travels the world on his sleigh on Christmas Eve, sometimes delivering coal to particularly naughty kids!

Santa’s toys are made by his elves who work hard in his toy workshop and his sleigh is guided on Christmas Eve by Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Children will traditionally leave a mince pie and a glass of sherry out for Santa on Christmas Eve and a carrot for Rudolph.

There are so many Christmas costumes available to buy these days, compared to yesteryear when dressing up as Father Christmas was the only option - some of the more unusual outfits currently available to buy include the Christmas pudding costume, snowman costume and Christmas tree outfit.  

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